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By Dennis Freeborn

This useful path e-book explores the advance of the language from outdated English to the institution of normal English. This 3rd variation has been extended to supply additional historical past info, with a supplementary web site and new sections to stipulate the advance of writing fingers and supply a short creation to palaeography.

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The king vortigern gave them land in south east of-this land. provided that they should fight against picts. They then fought against picts. & had victory wherever they came. They then sent to anglen ordered send more help. & ordered them say britons' cowardice. & the land's goodness. They then at-once sent hither greater force to others as help. Then came these men from three nations germany. From old saxons. from angles. from jutes. From jutes came kent-people. & wightpeople. that is the race which now dwells in wight.

There are only a few minimal pairs to prove the contrast, for example: hopian hoppian cwelan cwellan [h:>pian] [hop:ian] [kwElan] [kwel:an] to to to to hope hop die kill but the present and past tenses of certain verbs also formed minimal pairs with single and double consonants. They had the same long vowel in OE, but they have different vowels in their MnE reflexes, and are no longer minimal pairs. For example, Present tense Past tense OE MnE blede bleed bled de bled OE MnE fede feed fed de fed OE MnE mete meet mette met In all three OE verbs, the vowels of both present and past tenses are long [e:].

In this ~ year Pope Gregory sent Augustine to Britain with very many monks, who preached God's word to the English nation. -4 ~)a 51'Arr'-1Wctn. J munecii "e 30der pord en3la 3eoda 30dfpelledon. Her Gregorius papa sende to brytene Augustinum mid wei manegum ~ munecum "e godes word engla 3eoda godspelledon. ~ LJ The vocabulary of Texts 12a and 12b is listed in the Word Book. ­ ~41J«ht1 a»pe·1J41hutn on b~ •1fdltrume~ "T ~~amk ~"-f'lr mftdrume·-yp4ului'lnrmp~ bptf'febe ~ru nonJ;mtbJ14antf15 U) ~.

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