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The Emergence of Semantics in Four Linguistic Traditions: Hebrew, Sanskrit, Greek, Arabic

This examine goals to supply a comparative research of the position of semantics within the linguistic thought of 4 grammatical traditions - Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic.

Fremde Welten: Die Oper des italienischen Verismo

Mit diesem Buch erfährt der Opernverismo erstmals eine umfassende Gesamtdarstellung. Die Rahmenbedingungen für seine Durchsetzung im internationalen Opernbetrieb werden ebenso in den Blick genommen wie die Entstehung, Verbreitung und Rezeption der veristischen Oper.

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It seems to vary with more or less reader-oriented contracts a n d influences "closeness" or "distance" between reader a n d author. Specific information provides security by increasing the reader's ability to identify, which leads to more closeness than a general statement that is o p e n to interpretation. Generalization opens room for doubt a n d t h u s insecurity, lowering the ability to identify a n d leaving a greater distance between reader a n d author. By this packaging parameter English ST register also seems to reflect a closer author-reader relationship, as the following high­ lighted examples of specific reference show: Original English Example: An efficient market is one where all new information is quickly understood by market participants and becomes immediately incorporated into market prices.

M. on Tuesday. When will the price of Lazy T-'s shares rise? R. has read the Wall Street Journal. Or perhaps after lunch on Tuesday, when the stock analysts have had time to chew it over a bit? Or perhaps a week later, after Grandpa has placed his order to his St. Louis broker? No, says the efficient market theory. (288) In German, ST register calls for general reference—in analogy to the tenet that "good" theory needs to have a high level of generality a n d along with generality a high level of abstraction.

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