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By James Boyd White

Through clean readings of texts starting from Homer's Iliad, Swift's Tale of a Tub, and Austen's Emma throughout the usa structure and McCulloch v. Maryland, James Boyd White examines the connection among somebody brain and its language and tradition in addition to the "textual neighborhood" tested among author and viewers. those impressive textual analyses advance a rhetoric—a "way of examining" that may be delivered to any textual content yet that, in broader phrases, turns into a fashion of studying which could form the reader's life.

"In this bold and critical paintings of literary feedback, James Boyd White seeks to speak 'a feel of analyzing in a brand new and assorted way.' . . . [White's] marriage of lawyerly acumen and classically knowledgeable literary sensibility—equally obtrusive in his previous paintings, The felony Imagination—gives the simplest components of When phrases Lose Their Meaning a gravity and ethical earnestness infrequent within the pages of latest literary criticism."—Roger Kimball, American Scholar

"James Boyd White makes a state of the art try to increase criminal conception with the insights of contemporary literary idea. Of its sort, it's a singular and standout fulfillment. . . . [White's] decisions span the full variety of criminal, literary, and political choices, and his writing evidences a sustained and intimate event with those texts. Writing with ordinary splendor, White manages to be insightful and inciteful. all through, his well timed e-book is energized through an pressing love of literature and legislations and their releasing power. His ardour and sincerity are palpable."—Allan C. Hutchinson, Yale legislations Journal

"Undeniably a special and demanding paintings. . . . When phrases Lose Their Meaning is a profitable e-book via a unique felony pupil. it's a exhibit for the main fascinating kind of inter-disciplinary paintings: the sort that brings jointly from routinely separate fields no longer rather a lot details as rules and approaches."—R. B. Kershner, Jr., Georgia Review

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D. (R—L) brawijan · haitinazwas . . R. 6 j =^. The stone ends immediately after R. 19 s = ^ (reversed), and it is not certain that the inscription is complete, nor that was . . contained no ending. frraw-ija-n, masc. gen. , _vow-stem; PG */brau-joh-ez/, cf. OHG drewen drouwen »threaten*, OE frreian (fcreade) ,to grieve, torment', OIc. frreyja ,to pine, yearn'; PIE */tr-ow-yon-es/, cf. Olr. misery', Gk. trüö ,fret, torment', OS1. trova, truti ,to wear away'. , masc. nom. , o-stem; PG */hait-in-a-z/, cf.

87; Noreen no. 64; v. Friesen 21*; Krause 1937, no. 11*; Makaev no. 67; M sset no. 1; Krause 1966, no. 31*; Krause 1971, no. 127. 2. Thorsberg chape. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. D. (A) owli>u|>ewaz (B) niwajemariz R. A-7 e = Π ; B-5 j = (\ ; B-6, 7 em = Η . In words: owlfntfiewaz waje mariz. owlbupewaz, cf. Go. Wulfru(-wulfs), OIc. (Egg-)per. ni (Ala-)theus, OHG Wuld(-berht), (Eggi-)deo, owlpu- = wolp-u- (with /o/ from gen. sg. */wolpoz/); PG */wulp-u-/, cf. Go. wuljnis, OE wuldor (s-stem) ,glory', OIc.

Noreen no. 55; Krause 1937, no. 56*; Marstrander 187-96*; Makaev no. 73; Müsset no. 15; Krause 1966, no. 73*; Krause 1971, no. 76. 27. Tune stone. 0stfold, Norway. D. (A) (I) (L—R) ekwiwazafter · woduri (II) (R—L) dewitadahalaiban : worahto ' (B) (I) (R-L) [me]zwoduride : staina · (II) (R—L) brijozdohtrizdalidun (III) (L—R) arbijarjostezarbijano The only uncertain runes in this inscription, which I believe is complete, are found at the beginning of line B-I, where the lower portion of four staffs are visible.

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