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By Susan Boyer

Entire path with perform of English spelling conventions via a number of actions: recognize spelling styles, see hyperlinks among spelling and pronunciation. appropriate for self-study, construction vocabulary, and constructing spelling, pronunication and talking abilities.

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11) the noun form of ‘communicate’ 3) This means ‘to be certain’. 13) to become smaller 5) This means ‘the way a word is pronounced’. 15) the noun form of ‘express’ 7) This means ‘very good to eat’. au 46 Down Clues 2) the noun form of ‘act’ 10) a country and its people 4) You will find these at the beach. 12) This means ‘an important subject or problem’ 6) This word means ‘not ordinary’. 14) This means ‘choice’. 8) the noun form of ‘connect’ 16) The sun does this on a sunny day. 18) These live in the sea.

Rhyme often talk listen foreign island hour • frequently calm column exhausted often* • sixty minutes __________________________ • land surrounded by water __________________________ • peaceful and quiet __________________________ • words containing the same sounds __________________________ • to hear and give attention when someone speaks __________________________ • to speak __________________________ • to be very tired and without energy __________________________ • from another country or another place __________________________ • a strong, tall piece of stone or wood __________________________ used to support a building *Note: the word ‘often’ is generally pronounced with a silent ‘t’, though some speakers do pronounce the sound ‘t’ in this word.

Add words from the sentence above to the spelling pattern lists below Spelling Lists - Ways of spelling the consonant sound in the word ‘match’ ch teach chair tch watch catch t nature adventure Less usual spelling: question Spelling Practice Complete the crossword below. All the words contain the same consonant sound /∫/ but are written with ‘ch’, ‘tch’, or ’t’ Across Clues 1) This is on your face, below your mouth. au 48 Down Clues 2) all living things in the world 10) a small stick used for starting fire 4) to try to find something by looking carefully 12) a drawing or painting of something 6) the time which is to come (eg.

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