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By Kazue Takahashi, Peter J. Chi, Richard E. Denton, Robert L. Lysak

Published through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.

Ultra-Low-Frequency (ULF) waves pervade the magnetosphere, a zone formed via the Earth's magnetic fieid and full of an ionized gasoline referred to as plasma. As a mechanism for interplay of debris with fields and as a diagnostic device for probing the constitution of the magnetosphere, ULF waves are a wealthy medium for learn and discovery. With new spacecraft and desktop simulations, and ground-based magnetometers and radar networks, now we have lately improved our skill to investigate ULF waves on a world scale with unparalleled precision. Magnetospheric ULF Waves: Synthesis and New Directions provides state of the art details on ULF waves, and their impression on area climate, from 3 vantage points:

  • Excitation and propagation
  • Interaction with plasma and lively particles
  • Magnetospheric diagnostics

Scientists, researchers, and scholars operating in house physics, magnetospheric physics, atmospheric physics, climatoiogy and aeronomy will locate this ebook a huge source for present and near-future investigations of the Sun-Earth relationship.


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For validation of the simulation, Fujita et al. [2003a] compared the simulated geomagnetic variations with the observed ones (Figure 2). It is evident that both magnetograms are similar to each other. 2, ionospheric potential distribution obtained by Moretto et al. [2000] is also essentially similar to that from the simulation. Essential resemblance between the observation and the simulation result assures us of investigating the real physical processes associated with a SC based on the grid point data 35 of the simulation.

Reinterpretation of mirror modes as trains of slow magnetosonic solitons, Geophys. Res. 1029/ 2004GL021282, 2004. M. Walker, HF radar observations of Pc5 ULF pulsations driven by the solar wind, Geophys. Res. 1029/ 2001GL014291, 2002. , The association of harmonics in Pi2 power spectra with the plasmapause, Planet. , 23, 1975. , and K. Yumoto, On the cavity mode nature of low latitude Pi2 pulsations, J. Geophys. , 96, 1543, 1991. , Helioseismology and the Sun’s interior, Astron. 21, 2004. G. K.

A relation completely independent of the magnetic field. As it seems likely that any large-scale non-propagating structure, whether soliton or other, is in pressure balance and the magnetic field contributes to the pressure, it is hard to understand the interpretation provided. Let us then assume that the waves referred to as mirror mode waves are properly identified. The waveforms plotted in the three panels of Figure 15 differ markedly. The top panel shows intermittent increases of field magnitude, variable in amplitude, riding on top of a slowly varying background field.

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