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The Emergence of Semantics in Four Linguistic Traditions: Hebrew, Sanskrit, Greek, Arabic

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Mit diesem Buch erfährt der Opernverismo erstmals eine umfassende Gesamtdarstellung. Die Rahmenbedingungen für seine Durchsetzung im internationalen Opernbetrieb werden ebenso in den Blick genommen wie die Entstehung, Verbreitung und Rezeption der veristischen Oper.

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Obviously, Belizean English-based creoles and Chinese dialects are genet­ ically and historically unrelated, and the countries in which those varieties are spoken are maximally different in size and ethnic composition. This apparent lack of connection is one reason why I elected to analyze the linguistic situa­ tions in those two geographically distant sites. Comparing the two types of acquisition should highlight universal aspects of acquisition, as well as the issue of whether there is any substance to the notion that creoles develop in any dis­ tinctive way (Escure 1993a; 1994).

Although I don't know of any study testing in detail the hypothesis of the nonuniformity of L2 learning, all adult speakers of a second language experience the unreliability of L2 perfor­ mance which varies in terms of multiple factors in the context of interaction. Chapter 2 The Belizean Speech Community and the Use of English Abstract This chapter provides general demographic and socioeconomic information on the Belizean community, with special focus on Belize's ethnic and linguistic pluralism.

FIRST LG. Spanish* English * in some areas only **rarely Although each Belizean is quite clear about his or her ethnic and cultural identity, the official classification of ethnic groups offers particular challenges THE BELIZEAN SPEECH COMMUNITY 29 in Belize. The 1980 census used nine categories, including the labels Negro/Black and Mixed, which drew most votes with 76% and 13% respective­ ly. 4 This classification overlooked the peculiar ethnic configuration of Belize and local attitudes toward identity.

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