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So do not reboot. Select the option to go to the Utility menu. 9. In the utility menu select the option to go the shell. 10. Copy the special device files that are used by NetBSD. # mount /dev/xbd0a /mnt # cp -pR /dev/rxbd* /mnt/dev # cp -pR /dev/xbd* /mnt/dev [ 42 ] Chapter 3 11. NetBSD provides access to only one console for the guest. In Edit /etc/ ttys, turn off all the terminals except console. console ttyE0 ttyE1 ttyE2 ttyE3 "/usr/libexec/getty "/usr/libexec/getty "/usr/libexec/getty "/usr/libexec/getty "/usr/libexec/getty Pc" Pc" Pc" Pc" Pc" vt100 vt220 vt220 vt220 vt220 on off off off off secure secure secure secure secure 12.

Deb files onto the file system into the specified directory. Once it has finished its magic, you have a minimal Debian root file system that you can chroot into and finish the configuration. This tool is not usually available as a part of the Red Hat based systems such as the Fedora Core 6. So in order to use debootstrap on Fedora Core, we utilized another great tool called alien, which makes it easy to convert LSB, Red Hat, Stampede and Slackware packages into Debian packages. Once these packages from various formats have been converted into the Debian format, we can easily install the package using the Debian package management tool—dpkg.

If we want to install Debian, all the steps will be the same except that when we initially run debootstrap, we modify the parameters to specify Debian etch. org/). It provides binary emulation for applications built on other platforms, and can thus run most binaries built on Linux without any modification or recompilation. 0 provide native support for Xen. 1 in a guest domain. 1 in a guest domain. The NetBSD distribution provides two Xen enabled kernels for NetBSD—one for running the installation, and the other for actually running the NetBSD operating system.

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