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Nces has happened because tribes scattered by Zulu adva h have destroyed villages they have moved through in searc of new places to live. I did not intend to create this wasteland in return for a greater Zulu kingdom. Unres 30 I can feel growing unrest in the Zulu kingdom. There are rumours that some members of my family want a new Zulu leader. They think that the endless battles for new lands e are weakening the kingdom. It is not surprising that peopl whose tribes were pushed from their lands and forced tostgo hungry at the hands of my troops have a grudge againbut me.

As a boy, he was bullied until he realized that he was an excellent fighter. He slowly gained the respect of his peers. In the army, Shaka quickly discovered that he was a born leader. He went back to his homeland with a group of soldiers and took control of the kingdom. He was now leader of the Zulus. A brilliant strategist with a ruthless hand, Shaka quickly built up the Zulu empire. Real-life heroes of the distant past come to life in this exciting new biography series! Each subject’s story is told as if reminiscing through a scrapbook of his or her life.

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