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Although I can't promise you celebrity appearances by Meatloaf or Kevin Bacon, I can open a new discussion surrounding a version of The List for HTML. I'm referring to HTML lists, which are used to break a sequence of text into an ordered or unordered list. Ordered lists, also known as numbered lists, typically outline the steps required to perform a process. An unordered list might be used to specify the ingredients for a recipe, for example. There are actually three types of lists supported in HTML: • Ordered lists contain numbered items.

As in life, there is a time and place for everything in HTML. You legitimately need a simple newline in some situations, and the
tag is perfectly suited for the task. However, given the choice between using a tag that simply changes the way text looks versus using a tag that adds meaning to the text as well, always use the more meaningful tag. The attributes of

tags include several that allow you to fine-tune the formatting of paragraphs. 0, phases out the align attribute of the

tag and encourages you to use style sheets, which are described in Chapters 11 through 13.

The convenience of physical tags is significant when it comes to clearly specifying how text is to be displayed. In some cases, you'll find that browsers render a content-based tag the same as they render a physical tag. For example, the content-based tag appears as italicized text in most browsers, but the same result is achieved with the physical tag. The difference is that you aren't guaranteed italics with the tag, because the tag doesn't directly address how text is displayed, whereas the tag does.

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