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By J. Michael T. Thompson, Brian Launder

This ebook is the 1st to give a close and important appraisal of the geo-scale engineering interventions which have been proposed as capability measures to counter the devastation of run-away worldwide warming. Early chapters set the scene with a dialogue of projections of destiny CO2 emissions and methods for predicting weather tipping issues. next chapters then assessment proposals to restrict CO2 concentrations via greater power applied sciences, elimination of CO2 from the ambience, and influenced uptake by means of the oceans. Schemes for sunlight radiation administration regarding the mirrored image of sun again into house and utilizing artificially brightened clouds and stratospheric aerosols also are assessed. execs and cons of some of the schemes are completely tested - throwing gentle at the passionate public debate approximately their defense. Written by means of a gaggle of the world's top experts at the topic, this accomplished reference is vital analyzing for researchers and executive coverage makers at Copenhagen and past.

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G. Johansson et al. g. NAS 1992 ; IPCC 2007c) are the kinds of lasting measures that can cure ‘addiction’ to polluting practices without risking the potential side effects of geo-engineering – planetary methadone in my metaphor. Rather than pin our hopes on the gamble that geo-engineering will prove to be inexpensive, benign and administratively sustainable over centuries – none of which can remotely be assured now – in my value system, I – and most of the authors of this volume as well – would prefer to start to lower the human impact on the Earth through more conventional means.

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