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To ensure duly enforcement of this Law with account for amendments introduced in the period of 2000-2003, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministries and the Ministry of Economy have adopted over 20 regulations. The Law contains an accurate description of standard tender procedures and terms of their application, and is valid for the procurement of goods, jobs and services of all categories, except cases where the subjects of procurement are: x water, heat or power supply; x sewage and servicing of water drainage systems; x postal services; x telecommunication services (except mobile communications); x telecommunication services of transmission of radio and television signals; x railway transportation services.

Note. Starting from the moment of entry into force of the Ukrainian Law “On Procurement of Goods, Jobs, and Services at Public Expense,” the number of claims addressed by participants to the Ministry of Economy has a constant tendency towards an increase. In the course of 2001, 55 claims were received, 135 in 2002, and over nine months in 2003, the Ministry of Economy received about 180 claims (characteristically, the share of claims filed in the first half of the year is larger, as most auctions are conducted at that time).

It is stipulated that special ranks shall be conferred individually in accordance with the occupied position, level of professional qualification, and performance results. Persons newly appointed to civil service positions are usually conferred the lowest rank envisioned for the corresponding category of positions. A civil servant shall not be conferred the next rank if disciplinary penalties have been applied to him (her) during the previous year, if an official investigation is underway with respect to him (her) or if he (she) is persecuted.

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