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Start with AGI improvement and use the dynamic beneficial properties of Asterisk AGI to construct your personal VoIP-based telephony process. This publication is meant for builders wishing to make use of Asterisk, approach directors wishing to achieve larger keep an eye on over their Asterisk deploy, and telephony carrier prone wishing to install Asterisk-based recommendations to their infrastructure. you're anticipated to have a few adventure with Asterisk and a uncomplicated knowing of programming. No wisdom of Asterisk programming is needed.

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The two-second delay ensures that our audio path is established. gsm file is played using the Playback application. gsm extension. 729, ALAW, ULAW, as well as other codecs. This functionality is mainly used for a situation where an inbound call is using a specific codec. Asterisk will try to match the inbound call codec to an existing file in order to reduce the load on the server's CPU by not performing any transcoding to the file played back. com. au/switch/. [ 51 ] Basic IVR Development: Using the Asterisk DialPlan Following is the welcome message, we enter the main loop indicated by the While application.

What is IVR? IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, or put in layman's terms, the annoying thing we have to put up with whenever we call the bank or a customer support service. The development of IVR applications using the Asterisk dialplan configuration language is not difficult. Understanding the concepts of Asterisk's dialplan logic and its utilization are two of the core elements that will be used extensively throughout this book. conf file, available under the /etc/asterisk directory. Basic IVR Development: Using the Asterisk DialPlan The dialplan is a set of "finite state machines" According to Wikipedia: A finite state machine (FSM) or finite state automaton (plural: automata) or simply a state machine is a model of behavior composed of a finite number of states, transitions between those states, and actions.

5. If a key is pressed: °° Any key press will play back a message, followed by a dial in to a preset location. °° If key pressed is 9, the call will be disconnected. 6. If no key is pressed, hang up the call. There is no right or wrong solution when it comes to IVR development—it could either be less optimal or more optimal. The following example illustrates a certain methodology for how to handle the above scenario. However, there may be many other solutions. Step 1: Flowchart Like any other programming project, we shall first start with a detailed flowchart of our automatic attendant.

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