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To not be ignored. -Lora Leigh, big apple occasions no 1 bestselling writer of Black Jack A fierce Highland laird able to kill for king and country... whilst Torin McLeren discovers his neighbor's plot opposed to his king, he's taking their daughter as his prisoner, thereby preventing her father's plot from going ahead. yet that leaves him with a girl below his roof whom he cannot forget about, and never simply because she's his enemy's daughter... a lady who is as a lot difficulty as she is temptation... Shannon McBoyd comes to a decision to take advantage of her captor to adventure ardour for the 1st time, after which to spoil him. yet her plan is going awry simply because as soon as she has lured Torin into her mattress, she now not desires to harm the single guy who turns out to worth and comprehend her... no matter if her father will kill him-and her-when he discovers what they have done... "Deeply romantic, scintillating, and totally delicious." -Sylvia Day, nationwide bestselling writer of The Stranger I Married "Mary Wine's writing is basically stellar." -CK2 Kwips & evaluations "Mary Wine has a distinct knack for pacing, and the tale by no means we could up." -Bookaholics (20100528)

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She snorted at her own thoughts. Aye, stronger, and the man was her captor. Her father’s lands were considered middle ground in Scotland. Torin McLeren was a Highlander. He surpassed every tale she’d ever heard about how adept they were in the art of war and getting what they desired. Being tied about him was certainly proof enough of that. Yet so was the way he guided the stallion through the darkest hours of the night. There was no missing his skill. She’d have to be blind not to see him for what he was—a fine warrior.

No choice? ” she snarled. “Whatever yer quarrel is with Fergus, I am no’ part of it. ” They pulled her off the ground with an ease that stung her pride even more. Dead leaves and chunks of muddy snow fell off her, making soft plopping noises when they hit the ground. A shiver shook her frame, the chill of the night too much for her temper to fend off. “Me laird thinks otherwise, lass. ” In the night he was nothing but a specter, but the hard grip on her upper arm was solid and unrelenting. Her wrists ached where they were bound behind her, the rope irritating her skin.

You Highlanders never understand the value of patience. The king is dead, but the queen escaped with her whelp. ” Shannon gasped. She couldn’t contain the sound. There was a chill in Fergus’s voice that sent a shiver down her spine. He turned to look at her once more, but his attention did not linger. He faced Gair again, and his expression was as hard and cold as ice. “Attacking a neighbor who outnumbers you was ill-advised when the wedding had not yet taken place. ” Fergus responded with a small curving of his lips.

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