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The search facility can be frustrating. org For all things European. uk/ An excellent website with very good search and archive facilities. com The Politics Association was founded in 1969 to promote the teaching of politics. Their quickly developing website offers good links and lists of learning and teaching resources. 24 The Prime Minister and Cabinet Suggestions for further reading More detailed suggestions for further reading will be found at the end of the remaining chapters. For this overview of the central executive territory the following general texts will be useful starting points.

The executive therefore faces domestic courts with substantially more power than was the case before British membership of the European Union. The key case in establishing this dominance was the Factortame Case (1991). Factortame was an important case involving the registration of Spanish fishing vessels in Britain and a piece of UK legislation intended to prevent this. When examined through the facts of Factortame, the position of domestic courts and the ECJ becomes at once clearer, while bringing with it at the same time some crucial questions on the very nature of Parliamentary sovereignty.

Uncodified Usually used to refer to the unwritten or ‘uncodified’ British Constitution as opposed to the written American Constitution. Large parts of the British Constitution are in fact written down, they’re just not all together at the same time and place in the same document – hence they are ‘uncodified’. Likely examination questions Short questions Describe what is meant by the term ‘executive’. Use your own words to produce short paragraph definitions for: Cabinet, Prime Minister, head of state, head of government.

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