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By David A. McIntee

When the health professional and Jo are clear of Earth the Brigadier is faced with open struggle at the streets of england. He and UNIT need to depend upon an outdated adversary to assist them keep Earth.

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The report he’d written before going to the pub had been far harder to write than anything else he could think of. He wanted to give up on it, as if not filling in all the official details would somehow make what had happened less real. As if denying it had happened meant that Thorpe, Collins and Shaw would all walk back into work as normal this morning and leave him feeling less guilty. Of course, he knew this wasn’t the case. Instead, it would probably look like he was trying to cover something up.

Jesus,’ Grant muttered despairingly, and waved at the sign for a petrol station just ahead. Barron guided the Transit around some roadworks and a JCB at the junction on which the petrol station sat. It looked like the council was adding yet another mini-roundabout. There were two rows of petrol pumps and the van drew up between them. ‘It’ll only be a minute,’ Barron assured Grant, before stepping out into the rain. Grant nodded; a few minutes weren’t going to make any difference to the Scotsmen’s fate.

Someone was going to suffer soon, he could tell. He just hoped it wouldn’t be him. ‘We suspect the Americans. We spoke to a grass who said that he was told of a robbery being planned by a sixty-nine crew. ’ ‘Indeed it is, but…’ The Master paused in thought. ’ He went to a small intercom by the door that was supposed to be for emergency use by visitors threatened by the prisoner. ’ Grant wondered what the Master wanted with one of the guards. No doubt he had something in mind – he always had. He had even planned for the eventuality of his capture and trial.

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