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By Michael A. Pagano, R. Leonardi

This number of essays is designed to assist students and practitioners comprehend the fluid and dynamic nature of federalism, with specific emphasis at the federal approach within the usa. The e-book is written to help our knowing of the modern query 'which federalism?'

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Anton, 1989: 10). Few disagree that the issue is important and crucial to the understanding and implementation of federalism. But what is that division of power and can it be categorized for use by politicians and other policy-makers? Weissert analyzes the history of attempts to answer the question “what government should do what” in a federal system and the frustration on the part of both academics and practitioners in the shortcomings of early answers. It poses another way of looking at this essential federalism question by recognizing the relevance of such issues as politics and policy dynamics.

In essence, debt securitizes future revenue flows. Thus, the political and economic choices embodied in local tax structures influences both tax policy and debt policy. Tax structures, argues Hildreth, are not static. Rather, they are revised frequently to adapt to changing circumstances. The stress on tax policy derives from the tax structure and its effects. This portfolio of political and economic choices suggests the value of a tool such as the proposed tax policy stress indexes. The third revenue source for state and local governments is aid from another level of government, the federal government.

Ostrom 2001). The chief problem in 19th-century Europe was that it was unclear what constituted democratic governance. R. Palmer (1959: 1, 18), “it was in Italy that the word ‘democracy’, in a favourable sense, was most commonly used in the years from 1796 and 1799”. But common usage was not enough to fix its meaning. Italian democrats, as elsewhere in Europe, tended to confuse democracy either with a unitary state or with the universality of citizenship (Palmer 1964: 2, 302–5), with the result that Mazzini, in his own time, could still write, “(t)he union of the democratic principle with representative government is an entirely modern fact, which throws out of court all precedents that might be appealed to; they have nothing in common but the word in common; the thing is radically different” (Mazzini [1847] 1891: 4, 102; italics in the original).

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