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By Mary Benson

This booklet is a historical past of the African nationwide Congress and lots of of the battles it skilled. the writer, Mary Benson, is a South African who was once herself devoted to the paintings of the ANC and therefore assisting within the selection of many vital files utilized in the research.

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Two other Americans had joined them and when they saw that the West African was black, protested that to dine with him was an insult no decent man would tolerate. They were about to leave when their host said: 'Gentlemen, I am very sorry that your pride, or more precisely, your prejudice, does not allow you to associate with my friend there. True, he is black, but he is a gentleman, and besides, he is a well-to-do man. Indeed,' the host said with emphasis, 'he is one of the wealthiest men in West Africa, and my object in inviting you to meet him was to put within your reach the Wealth [sic] of West Africa.

49 D Passive Resistance and Missed Opportunities higewages. James Gumede, just back from London, helped to organize the miners but after a Congress meeting on one mine had been broken up by white civilians shooting on the crowd, the organizing petered out and the strike was soon crushed by a com bination of white miners 'scabbing', of police and civilians violently driving Africans back to work (several Africans being killed), and by sheer lack of trade union know-how. This was not the only opportunity that Congress lost in the urgent need to rally the workers and channel their anger at their grievances into effective action.

Though they had to pay the same prices or more for goods as had the whites,1 for them in Johannesburg £4 a month was regarded as a good wage; against this their rent cost io/- a month, tax £I-,£2 a year, and they still had to pay for food, clothing, fuel and the children's education. The crop failures in the over-crowded reserves sent thousands of illiterate peasants searching for work in the few towns. Even from the comparatively contented Cape, hunger was driving people to live under the restrictions of the Transvaal.

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