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By Eugene N. Parker

Increasing upon the information first proposed in his seminal ebook Cosmical Magnetic Fields, Eugene N. Parker the following bargains the 1st in-depth remedy of the magnetohydrodynamic conception of spontaneous magnetic discontinuities. In detailing his conception of the spontaneous formation of tangential discontinuities (current sheets) in a magnetic box embedded in hugely engaging in plasma, Parker exhibits the way it can be utilized to provide an explanation for the job of the exterior magnetic fields of planets, stars, interstellar gasoline clouds, and galaxies, in addition to the magnetic fields in laboratory plasmas. Provocative and interesting, Spontaneous present Sheets in Magnetic Fields offers a daring new concept that would excite curiosity and dialogue in the course of the house physics group.

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For the nanoflares, then, it appears that the internal winding and interweaving of the field lines slowly accumulates without much reconnection (perhaps at the slow rate C/N]) until an individual discontinuity exceeds some critical strength, whereupon a local burst of reconnection (perhaps at a rate as large as C/ln NL) reduces the strength to where the rapid reconnection falls back toward C/N2L. Then the slow accumulation begins again, to be followed after a time by another burst of reconnection, etc.

Treating two near neighboring field lines he showed that the current density jL perpendicular to the field varies in direct proportion to the separation of the lines. A bifurcation of the field pattern in an isobaric surface represents an increase in the separation of adjacent field lines from infinitesimal to finite distances in a finite distance along the field. , a current sheet or tangential discontinuity. It follows from the optical analogy that any field with localized internal maxima produces internal tangential discontinuities, unless there are rigid boundaries so close at to prevent any bifurcation in the field pattern.

This nonequilibrium is the means by which the open magnetic field regions are formed on the Sun to provide the coronal holes and the solar wind (Parker, 1963b). It appears to be, at least in part, the basis for the extended galactic magnetic halos (Parker, 1965, 1968, 1969, 1979, pp. 274-297, 1992) and for the resulting tangential discontinuities, magnetic dissipation, and X-ray emission from those halos (Parker, 1990a, 1992). In summary, the stochastic field lines extending between z = 0 and z = L (equivalent to the mirror geometry employed in the plasma laboratory) become the ergodic field of toroidal geometry (in which the field circles incommensurably through itself).

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