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F6 21 ifxh7+ 'It>f8 22 g7+ with a massive advantage. b) 18 .. xg7 22 ~xg7+ 'It>xg7 23 ~g5+ 'It>f8 24 ~h8+ ~f7 25 ~h7+ ~f8 26 ~e7+ 'It>g8 27 ifg7 mate. xg7! Once again the Hungarian gives the bishop away to open more lines of attack. 20 ... f6 21 ... h8 leads to a lovely mate after 22 ~g7+! xg7 23 hxg7+ 'It>xg7 24 ifg5+ 'It>f8 25 ~h8. 22 ~g2! 1-0 Black resigned in view of the astonishing 23 ifg7+ which will lead to mate. xg7 24 hxg7+ 'It>g8 25 ~h8 mate. iky fluir unci Ilt'urcl / ... :;"d I (I ..

If you look in older sources you might also come across the name Opocensky, but that has faded ever since Hodgson, the most recent pioneer of the opening, nicknamed it the Tromp and the latter name stuck. • c5 Black strikes out at the centre. It is not a pawn sacrifice because 3 dxcS can always be met by 3.. :iVas+ followed by 4 .. lbc6, 4 ... ixcS. ixf6 gxf6 4 d5 Hodgson helped to develop the ideas behind this line and it has since encouraged many imitators. The beauty of it is that the middlegames are still a lot less analysed than more traditional openings such as the King's Indian Defence.

TDd4! 1t l'tI Oil till becduse il reslricts lhe opponent' ... It tivity. Nevertheless, Black has to hI' careful not to waste time since the semi-open h-file provides White with plenty of attacking opportunities. 1 cxd4 16 ~xd4? tDxe4! e8 and the white queen is pinned; while 16 tDce2 is slyly met by 16 ... ~C7 to put pressure on the c4-pawn, and 17 tDxd4? runs into 17 ... dS revealing a discovered attack on the knight stationed on the g3-square. 15 ... te3-h6 can be met by a retreat, preserving Black's dark-squared bishop.

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