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By Christopher Hood, Colin Scott, Oliver James, George Jones, Tony Travers

In response to years of remarkable entry to the interior workings of Whitehall, this ebook through a number one group of students examines the military of inspectors, auditors, grievance-chasers and different our bodies dedicated to oversight of public corporations whereas documenting their awesome progress during the last decades.

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3), and some from the creation of new regulators. 14 There are some exceptions to this general Tarkinsonian' picture of growth. Central-government investment in oversight of nationalized industries shrank as the privatization juggernaut reduced those industries to a small rump—though the regulatory regimes for many of the privatized utilities are much more elaborate and resource-intensive than those operating during the nationalization era (for example, total civil-service staff involved in the oversight of telecoms more than quintupled between 1980 and the mid-1990s).

Could be attributed to regulating the public sector. As this discussion shows, any single estimate of the scale of regulation inside government can be of only limited meaning. It is better to think of the phenomenon as a set of concentric circles (like an archery target or dartboard), ranging from a minimal core at the centre to a maximum at the edges. Our estimate of the number of regulator organizations in the national public sector runs from about 130 to over 200 and our estimate of the direct running costs from about £700m.

G. g. g. g. g. g. g. Housing Corporation, Scottish Homes, Housing for Wales, Northern Ireland Housing Executive) 40 Regulation inside Government and Scotland had quasi-independent commissions overseeing localauthority audit (the Audit Commission for England and Wales and Accounts Commission for Scotland) while local-authority accounts in Northern Ireland were audited by sections of a government department. Northern Ireland (from 1997) had a single public audit body including NHS audit, but central and local audit was split elsewhere in the UK, and suggestions that they might be unified tended to be met with the response that such a step would be constitutionally unthinkable.

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