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Speedy evaluate Math instruction manual is helping scholars refresh their reminiscence of arithmetic recommendations and talents. each one guide comprises three elements: HotWords, HotTopics, and HotSolutions. HotWords are vital mathematical phrases. The HotWords part contains a word list of phrases, a suite of universal or major mathematical styles, and lists of symbols and formulation in alphabetical order. HotTopics are key recommendations that scholars want to know. each one bankruptcy in HotTopics has numerous issues that supply scholars to-the-point causes of key mathematical thoughts. every one part comprises try it out workouts to help scholars to examine for figuring out, and there's an workout set on the finish of every subject. HotSolutions (found behind the instruction manual) provide scholars easy-to-locate solutions to the test it out and What have you learnt? difficulties.

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Congruent angles angles that have the same measure 1 2 ∠1 and ∠2 are congruent angles. conic section the curved shape that results when a conical surface is intersected by a plane Example: This ellipse is a conic section. constant of variation a constant ratio in a direct variation see 6•9 Direct Variation continuous data the complete range of values on the number line Example: The possible sizes of apples are continuous data. contrapositive a logical equivalent of a given conditional statement, often expressed in negative terms see 5•1 If/Then Statements Example: “If x, then y” is a conditional statement; “if not y, then not x” is the contrapositive statement.

Legs of a triangle the sides adjacent to the right angle of a right triangle Example: $ # AB and BC are the legs of " ABC. length a measure of the distance of an object from end to end likelihood the chance of a particular outcome occurring like terms terms that include the same variables raised to the same powers; like terms can be combined see 6•2 Simplifying Expressions Example: 5x 2 and 6x 2 are like terms; 3xy and 3zy are not like terms. line a connected set of points extending forever in both directions linear equation an equation with two variables (x and y) that takes the general form y = mx + b, where m is the slope of the line and b is the y-intercept HotWords 29 line graph a display of data that shows change over time see 4•2 Displaying Data Example: Patient Temperature Readings 5/26 104° 103° 102° °F HOTWORDS linear measure the measure of the distance between two points on a line 101° 100° 99° 98° 0100 0300 0500 0700 0900 1100 1300 1500 1700 1900 2100 Time line of best fit on a scatter plot, a line drawn as near as possible to the various points so as to best represent the trend in data see 4•3 Analyzing Data Example: y line of best fit x 0 line of symmetry a line along which a figure can be folded so that the two resulting halves match Example: 4 5 ST is a line of symmetry.

HotWords 21 HOTWORDS event any happening to which probabilities can be assigned see 4•5 Combinations and Permutations expanded form a method of writing a number that highlights the value of each digit Example: 867 = (8 · 100) + (6 · 10) + (7 · 1) expense an amount of money paid; cost experimental probability the ratio of the total number of times the favorable outcome occurs to the total number of times the experiment is completed see 4• 6 Probability exponent a numeral that indicates how many times a number or variable is used as a factor see 3•1 Powers and Exponents, 3•3 Scientific Notation, 3• 4 Laws of Exponents Example: In the equation 2 3 = 8, the exponent is 3.

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