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By Dejan Sokolović, Christian Huyghe, Jasmina Radović

Grasslands are one of the biggest ecosystems on the earth and as a result are of serious significance to mankind. The genotypes of the species that are the most elements of the grasslands have nice impression on overall final result and winning usage of grasslands. accordingly fodder plants and turf swards could be continually stronger to stick to glossy traits in agriculture creation and panorama structure. the wide variety of breeding courses for forage and amenity species, in addition to new breeding tools and strategies, is swiftly increasing the bounds and is making it attainable to accomplish notable breeding effects. This publication comprises papers provided on the 30th EUCARPIA Fodder plants and Amenity Grasses part assembly. The tough name of the e-book specializes in breeding of quantitative qualities, which without delay influence the profitability and sustainability of grasslands and fodder vegetation creation, in addition to on multidisciplinary technique in grassland examine and utilisation. incorporated papers provide a special choice of rules and breakthroughs within the fields of fodder vegetation and amenity grasses breeding and genetics, in addition to within the inventive and leading edge program of latest instruments in sensible breeding.

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However, in practice, realised yields have been low due to several limiting factors, but these could be addressed. In order to improve fodder crops production and animal husbandry in Serbia, some fundamental actions are needed. The implementation of a regionalisation of 28 D. Sokolović et al. forage production is necessary. This would open up for regional recommendations on the species, mixtures and cultivars suitable for fodder production in each area. Stabilisation of the subsidy policy will allow farmers to plan ahead.

Future steps to improve fodder crop production and husbandry in Serbia include regionalisation of forage production according to a set of recommendations, stabilisation of subsidy policies, consolidation of fields and farms, improvement of grassland management and production technologies, and creating a better and more efficient system of transfer of knowledge from scientists to farmers. Keywords Agriculture • Grassland • Fodder crops • Breeding • Serbia Introduction Serbia has considerable agricultural capacities and potentials, due to viable farming communities, a substantial animal production and an abundance of processing facilities.

3,016 accessions), Dactylis glomerata L. ), Festuca pratensis Huds. ), Phleum pratense L. ) and Poa pratensis L. ). , Holcus sp. , Poa sp. ) belong to the collections, in order to have a wide range of interspecific and intergeneric variability, as well as material for all research and different breeding purposes (as forage, turf or energy grass). The Value of Genetic Resources: In General In order to have a really comprehensive collection of grasses with a high level genetic diversity, it is necessary to fulfill following tasks: collection, maintenance, characterization, evaluation and documentation of grass PGR with high working accuracy of curators, which are responsible for the collections.

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