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Provides a holistic exposition of varied varieties of Infrastructural amenities. This booklet makes a speciality of knowing the techno-commercial influence of public platforms on total socio-economic improvement of the rustic.

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Life expectancy at China increased to 69 years in 1990 against 58 years at India and 65 years in the World. These established that China has adopted and pursued an innovative Public Health Policy. Such Health Policy is one of the main reasons for increase in labour productivity at China. 1 DISEASE AND PREVENTION Despite vast improvement in health globally over the past several decades, in poorest regions, one in every five children does not live to see their fifth birthday. This number translates into 11 million childhood deaths each year, mostly due to illness such as diarrhea and acute respiratory infections.

Indeed, the World Health Organization (WHO) has called Poverty as world’s biggest killer. Other threats to health are associated with the development process itself. Socio-economic development is critical for improving human health and well-being. Yet, if not well managed, economic growth can exact a major toll on environment and health. It is inarguable that many environment related risks can be reduced through preventive actions, and this approach provides a clear and achievable route for better public health in developing and developed nations.

National Academy of Medical Sciences The National Council of Medical Sciences (NAMS), New Delhi was established in 1961 with the objective of promoting the growth of Medical Sciences. It recognizes the talent 38 PUBLIC SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT throughout the country in the form of election of Fellows and Members of the Academy. To keep Medical Professionals abreast of fewer/current medical problems of the country and to update their knowledge for better delivery of medical education, patient care and health care at large, a programme of continuing medical education (CME) is being implemented by the academy since 1982.

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