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By Owen E. Hughes

Lately there was a change within the administration of the general public zone. The inflexible, bureaucratic type of public management which ruled for many of the twentieth century has been changed via a versatile, market-based kind of public administration. Public administration and management introduces and assesses the foundations and theories underlying adjustments within the administration of the general public quarter. Systematically revised and up-to-date all through, the 3rd version of this hugely profitable textual content comprises a completely new bankruptcy at the impression of e-governance and extended insurance of monetary and function administration.

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Weber mentioned the work of Taylor favourably. He argued (Gerth and Mills, 1970, p. 261): With the help of appropriate methods of measurement, the optimum profitability of the individual worker is calculated like that of any material means of production. On the basis of this calculation, the American system of ‘scientific management’ enjoys the greatest triumphs in the rational conditioning and training of work performances. Standardization of tasks and fitting workers to them was perfect for the traditional model of administration.

A focus on results will lead to quite significant departures from Weber’s model in several ways and these may vary between and even within organizations. All of the public sector does not need to be organized bureaucratically, at least in a strict hierarchical sense. For some tasks, a model of authority without hierarchy may be more efficient, as may personal relations rather than the impersonality outlined by Weber. Newer forms of management focus on achievement of results as the prime goal with organizational form of secondary importance.

Political matters would be dealt with by the politicians; administrative matters by the permanent public servants, with the two spheres of action being kept, as far as possible, apart. There are three main facets to political control in the traditional model of administration, most notably in Westminster systems. First, there is a clear relationship of accountability and responsibility. A department or agency has two basic roles: to advise the political leadership on the development, review and implementation of policy, and to manage its own resources so that policy may be implemented.

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