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By Jennifer A Dussling, Heidi Petach

Have you obvious a hailstone with a turtle frozen inside of? examine all in regards to the most unearthly, wackiest, wildest climate ever--and what makes it happen--in this technology effortless reader. complete colour.

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Level 1—for Preschool through First-Grade Children Level 1 books have very few lines per page, very large type, easy words, lots of repetition, and pictures with visual “cues” to help children figure out the words on the page. Level 2—for First-Grade to Third-Grade Children Level 2 books are printed in slightly smaller type than Level 1 books. The stories are more complex, but there is still lots of repetition in the text, and many pictures. The sentences are quite simple and are broken up into short lines to make reading easier.

They are called hailstones. Most hail is small and round. But every once in a while, a hailstone can be as big as an orange. Or shaped like a star. And one time a hailstone fell with a turtle frozen inside! 37 Then there is the story of 1816. The weather that year was very, very weird. ” And it was all caused by a volcano. It’s true. 39 In April 1815, a volcano erupted on an island in the Pacific Ocean. The volcano spewed lots and lots of ash and dust into the air. 41 42 People on nearby islands did not see the sun for three whole days.

One time he was driving a truck. One time he was in his front yard. And one time he was even inside! Lightning melted his watch. It burned his hair. But it didn’t kill him. 31 Why was Roy Sullivan hit so many times? Scientists don’t know. Lightning is just a bolt of electricity. It can jump from a cloud to the ground. It can jump from the ground to a cloud. Lightning can even jump from cloud to cloud. 32 Once a gas station worker saw lightning hit a flock of pelicans flying through the air. It killed all twenty-seven of them!

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