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Man, via in depth observations of ordinary phenomena, has discovered approximately a number of the uncomplicated rules which govern nature. The aurora is among the such a lot interesting of those common phenomena, and by way of learning it, guy has simply started to understand auroral phenomena by way of easy cosmic electrodynamic tactics. The systematic and huge statement of the aurora in the course of and after the good overseas firm, the overseas Geophysical 12 months (lGY), resulted in the idea that of the auroral substorm. Like many different geophysical phenomena, auroral screens have a twin time (universal- and local-time) dependence whilst obvious through a ground-based observer. therefore, it used to be a tough activity for unmarried observers, rotating with the Earth as soon as an afternoon, to know a brief function of a large-scale auroral demonstrate. any such complexity is inevitable in learning many geophysical gains, particularly the polar top atmospheric phenomena. notwithstanding, it was once stumbled on that their complexity started to spread whilst the idea that of the auroral substorm used to be brought. In a ebook entitled Polar and Magnetospheric Substorms, the predeces­ sor to this e-book, i attempted to explain the auroral phenomena as thoroughly as attainable by way of the concept that of the auroral substorm. at the moment, the 1st satellite tv for pc observations of debris and magnetic fields in the course of substorms have been simply turning into on hand, and it used to be instructed that the auroral sub typhoon is a manifestation of a magnetospheric phenomenon known as the magnetospheric substorm.

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2. Auroral oval determined by Feldstein and the outer boundary of the trapping region. 16 CHAPTER 1 Fig. 3. Auroral oval (the 5577 A emission) observed from the ISIS-2 satellite, 0247-0302 UT, December 16, 1971, in corrected geomagnetic coordinates (upper) and without the coordinate grid (lower). (Lui,A. T. , Venkatesan, D. : 1. ) 17 OPEN MAGNETOSPHERE AND THE AURORAL OVAL center is appreciably (- 3°) displaced toward the dark hemisphere. 2 shows the oval constructed by Feldstein (1963). , 1975).

4) The total inflow along the equatorward boundary of the oval in the evening sector (50) is discharged from the poleward boundary in the evening sector. This is OPEN MAGNETOSPHERE AND THE AURORAL OVAL 31 the N -S closure, but again a large part of this does not close in the same meridian, as pointed out in (1). (5) The amount of current in the mid-low latitude belt is much smaller than that which flows along the oval. The direction of this current is opposite to the expected direction of the low latitude return current from the auroral electroject (a pure two-dimensional current).

6. 13. "1(11: lOC i!.. -20 r = 20 '0 10 10 ~H' -u:r' "). 1 4- IN •• llAOI L. nl( lO( AL TIM( 'Ior- :::E 5-20 ii ~20r ::r 10 ~ Kp '3 • lOS' I 1'00" Fig. 13. :ll. 111In' 2'~ · 1~)· I 1'40" ~ I'\D" ..... ~,.. ,.. - I I~ - E, DAWN TO DUSK PI~ l"()4- lH' "29- 'f - 104' ,'sa z"~ ~ r I I ca,,, -n_,- +E. DAWN TO DUSK I -IZ 4' "'III- z"~ , ·111' I'·~· V'oIY' ..... ,- I .. -114 ' 6' ). 1\""" I II'~ - MI' ! I 11'1" -101' -E. 'SOUTHWARO' EVENING SOUTHERN HIGH LATITUDES 2"0'- '44' "00- z1' IZ- ----==--- MORNING -- "I" \ I "" I "2l" f ir I +E, 'SOUTHWARD' I NORTHERN HIGH LATITUDES Dawn-dusk component of the electric field along a dawn-dusk traverse across the northern and southern polar regions.

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