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528 is indicated by the solid line. The weak coupling value of about 3 for low Sn content A15 was attributed by Moore et al. % Sn, in combination with an inductive measurement of Tc which preferably probes the highest Sn fractions. These Tc values could thus be higher than representative for the bulk. It is also known that in tunneling experiments the gap at the interface can be lower than in the bulk, lowering the effectively measured value. Also, the gap measurement was performed at finite temperature, which also reduces its value.

And Vieland for the Nb−Sn A15 stability range. The amount of disorder, introduced by irradiation or quenching is often related to changes in resistivity. 8). A relation between ρn and the order parameter S in Nb3Sn was established by Flükiger et al. [99] after analysis of ion irradiation data obtained by Nölscher and Seamann-Ischenko [102] and data from Drost et al. [103]. 3. Flükiger et al. 4) represented by the solid curve through the data points. The superconducting properties of the Nb−Sn system are mostly expressed in terms of either resistivity or atomic Sn content.

This can counteract the increase of Ηc2(0) through ρn. 6) remains consistent, at least qualitatively, with Ta or Ti ternary additions if it is assumed that their main effect is to push the composition increasingly offstoichiometric and simultaneously increasing the resistivity and preventing the tetragonal transformation. It should be emphasized that this argument is not well supported, since all knowledge on ternary systems with Ta and Ti stems from inhomogeneous wires as opposed to homogenized laboratory samples.

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