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By Kenize Mourad

In 2002 celebrated novelist and journalist Kenize Mourad traveled via Israel and the occupied territories of the West financial institution and Gaza Strip, interviewing traditional Palestinians and Israelis who've been terribly contact by way of the clash among their peoples. This e-book tells their tales.

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Finally, thanks to the Red Cross, we learnt that he was in Jerusalem, in Moscobyia prison, in the centre of town. After 12 days, we were given permission to visit him. My mother spent the night making his favourite dishes. “We waited from ten o’clock in the morning until four in the afternoon. And at four o’clock, when our turn came, a soldier said to us in Hebrew, ‘Gamarnou’ – ‘That’s it’. It was the first time I had seen my mother in a raging temper. She slammed the door, shouting in fury. We had to wait until the following week to see him.

I was wrong. She didn’t wear a hat because she was not married but she was a firm believer, she told me. Had she done her military service? Yes, but in peaceful surroundings, looking after children. I try to get into deeper conversation with her. She is so young, she must be more open-minded than Dr Tubiana. ” “What for? ” She made no reply. I sensed that she regretted having got into our car but I persist. At her age, she must have asked herself questions. ” “Of course. It’s Eretz Israel. ” “They have to accept that it is our land, even if they have been there for hundreds of years.

They cannot have an independent country. Do you see their planes flying over us, do you see us letting them make agreements with other countries such as Iraq, or pumping water from us? No Israeli, left-wing or rightwing, with or without the kippa, could accept that! And if we give them forty or sixty per cent of the territories, they will always want more. ” I am certainly not going to get into a debate with him on the ‘Arab mentality’, any more than the ‘Jewish mentality’. I tackle a less explosive subject.

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