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Mathematical Theory of Diffraction

Arnold Sommerfeld's Mathematical idea of Diffraction marks a milestone in optical concept, jam-packed with insights which are nonetheless appropriate at the present time. In a beautiful travel de strength, Sommerfeld derives the 1st mathematically rigorous answer of an optical diffraction challenge. certainly, his diffraction research is a shockingly wealthy and intricate mixture of natural and utilized arithmetic, and his often-cited diffraction answer is gifted merely as an software of a way more basic set of mathematical effects.

Radiation Belts: Models and Standards

Released via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph sequence, quantity ninety seven. The intriguing new result of CRRES and SAMPEX express that there are extra actual resources of vigorous electrons and ions trapped within the Van Allen belts, a few of that have been thoroughly unforeseen. The NASA and Russian empirical types of the radiation belts must be up to date and prolonged.

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Volume 22

Content material: contemporary advancements and purposes of the Coupled EPR/Spin Trapping approach (EPR/ST); EPR Investigations of natural Non-Covalent Assemblies with Spin Labels and Spin Probes; Spin Labels and Spin Probes for Measurements of neighborhood pH and Electrostatics via EPR; High-field EPR of Bioorganic Radicals; Nuclear Polarization in drinks

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P. 96ms-‘cm-“*); corresponding to U(d) in m s-’ and d in cm. It has been assumed that ~=900 kgmT3. 5,K,,,) Ckgm-*s-l]; variance of the distribution: fallspeed of hailstones: U(d)=yl/;i [ms-‘1; total number concentration: nT= ? r’(l,Ad,,,) [mT3]. 5I-‘(4, Ad,,,). 106Jkg-‘. Laube, HSller Landolt-Bornstein New Series V/4 b Ref. p. 2 Dry air: Viscosity, thermal conductivity and diffusivity Table 14. Viscosity q and thermal conductivity K, of dry air, and diffusion coefficient D, of water vapor in dry air as a function of temperature I: Linear interpolation is practicable throughout the table [66 L I].

706. 736. 161. 161. 181. 126. 146. 233. 1 Aqueous solutions [Ref. p. 100 -e T=-ZO”C me--- I 0 “C 7llT . _...... r\\\\. 92 I II I , I- $,$ig 1I-m,=10-15kg1 1lT7 Fig. 28. w=e,k,,,w over an aqueous solution drop with drop radius n for different salt solutions and various masses of salt. 88 10-a lrnc 1 lO-;kg 1 m,=lO-'skg lo-' (I- 10-6 m-5 ml Fig. 29. w over an aqueous solution drop with drop radius a for various amounts of NaCl and for different temperatures. I 1 1o-5 Fig. 30. v over an aqueous solution drop with drop radius a containing an aerosol particle composed of water soluble and water insoluble substances for different mass fractions of soluble to insoluble portion of the particle E.

26) The variation of density of an aqueous solution with salt concentration for an ideal solution is described by: m,+m, Q”= wk 0 + w,, 0 ’ with M v~,~= -J! ew M and v~,~= 2; es where the subscript 0 refers to pure substance. For real solutions we have: where v, is the apparent molal volume of the salt with all deviations from ideality incorporated. For cloud-physics applications v, = v,,,. 1 Aqueous solutions Ref. p. 4 xs - MFig. 26. Variation of density Q of aqueous solutions with molality M: f: Ca(NO&; 2: CaCl,; 3: HCl; 4: KCl; 5: LiCl; 6: MgCl,; 7: MgS04; 8: NaCl; 9: NaNO,; 10: NaOH; ii: (NH&SO,.

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