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See George Stepney to Leibniz, 1 May 1701, A I 19: 640. 65. See Leibniz to Johann Jacob Julius Chuno, 31 December 1700, A I 19: 319, and Leibniz to Johann von Besser, 4 January 1701, A I 19: 324. 66. See Leibniz to Claude Nicaise, 24 August 1701, in Die Philosophischen Schriften von Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, ed. C. I. Gerhardt (Berlin: Weidmann, 1875–1890), 2: 593 (hereafter cited as G). 67. John Toland, Anglia Libera: or, the Limitation and Succession of the Crown of England explain’d and asserted (London, 1701).

I…do not have any commerce with him since such a fuss has been made over him. Yet when I ask what he has done that is so horrible, only his religion is mentioned. ” Sophie to Hans Caspar von Bothmer, 5 August 1702, Doebner 220. See also Sophie to Baron von Schüß, 23 May 1702, Doebner 157, and 12 September 1702, Doebner 164. 74. See Leibniz to Franz Ernst von Platen, 29 July 1702, Klopp 8: 357–58, and Sophie Charlotte to Hans Caspar von Bothmer, 29 July 1702, Doebner 16. 75. “He has come here [Berlin], and seeing Madam the Electress in the garden, he immediately went to present her with a harangue printed by the Archbishop of York, written for the coronation of the Queen [Anne], and said that this prelate had given it to him for this purpose… Afterwards he walked around the promenade with the Queen [Sophie Charlotte] and Madam the Electress, and the rest of the company.

Leibniz’s reading notes on Bayle’s book have been published in part in Grua 2: 491–94. 105. ” Sophie to Leibniz, 8 December 1713, Klopp 9: 415. 106. See Sophie to Leibniz, 28 December 1713, Klopp 9: 419, 4 January 1714, Klopp 9: 420, and 20 May 1714, Klopp 9: 448. 107. “Queen Anne is wonderfully well. ” Sophie to Leibniz, 7 March 1714, Klopp 9: 432. ” Sophie to Leibniz, 2 April 1714, Klopp 9: 433. “…the Queen is well enough and, according to the Introduction 27 the only thing now standing between her and the British throne.

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