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By Robert Charles Wilson

From the Hugo-winning writer of Spin, an exuberant event in a post-climate-change AmericaIn the reign of President Deklan Comstock, a reborn usa is suffering again to prosperity. Over a century after the Efflorescence of Oil, after the autumn of the towns, after the Plague of Infertility, after the fake Tribulation, after the times of the Pious Presidents, the sixty stars and 13 stripes wave from the plains of Athabaska to the nationwide capital in ny urban. In Colorado Springs, the kingdom sees to the nation’s religious wishes. In Labrador, the military wages conflict at the Dutch. the US, unified, is emerging as soon as again.Then out of Labrador come stories of a brand new Ajax—Captain Commongold, the younger Hero of the Saguenay. the normal humans persist with his adventures within the renowned press. the military adores him. The President is…troubled. specially whilst the rushing Captain seems to be his nephew Julian, son of the falsely accused and done Bryce.Treachery and intrigue puppy Julian’s footsteps. Hairsbreadth escapes and bold rescues fill his days. Stern get to the bottom of and delicate sentiment cube for Julian’s soul, whereas his admiration for the works of the Secular Ancients, and his adherence to the evolutionary doctrines of the heretical Darwin, set him at deadly odds with the hierarchy of the kingdom. Plague and hearth swirl round the Presidential palace while ultimately he arrives with the acclamation of the mob.As instructed through Julian’s ally and devoted better half, a country but observant lad from the west, this story of the twenty second Century asks— and answers—the age-old query: “Do you need to inform the reality, or do you need to inform a story?”

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Just or not, however, it doesn't alter my obligation as far as the son is concerned. " "A Christian sentiment," my mother said, not entirely disguising her skepticism. "As for your implication about the Estate, and the practices of the young Eupatridians there, I agree with you entirely. Which is why I approved and encouraged Julian's friendship with your son. Apart from Adam, Julian has no reliable friends. The Estate is such a den of venomous snakes—no offense," he added, remembering our religious affiliation, and making the common but mistaken assumption that congregants of the Church of Signs necessarily like snakes, or feel some kinship with them—"no offense, but I would sooner allow Julian to associate with, uh, scorpions," striking for a more palatable simile, "than abandon him to the sneers, machinations, ruses, and ruinous habits of his peers.

Every Christian church in America was required to secure formal approval from the Council of Registrars of the Dominion of Jesus Christ on Earth, if it wanted to operate without the imposition of crippling federal taxes. (The Dominion is sometimes called "the Church of the Dominion," but that's a misnomer, since every church is a Dominion Church as long as it's recognized by the Council. Dominion Episcopal, Dominion Presbyterian, Dominion Baptist—even the Catholic Church of America since it renounced its fealty to the Pope of Rome in 2112—all are included under the Dominionist umbrella, since the purpose of the Dominion is not to be a church but to certify churches.

Julian understood the plan at once, and began to survey the shadowy contents of the storage room as intently as he had surveyed the Tip for books. We found the raw pine risers, and managed to stack them to a useful height without causing too much noise. (In the church hall the Campaigners registered a unanimous vote for Deklan Comstock, and then began to break the news about the conscription drive, just as Julian had surmised. ) The window was at least ten feet high, and painfully narrow, and when we emerged on the other side we had to hang by our fingertips before dropping to the ground.

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