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In his e-book, John eco-friendly provides a different own perception into the basics of fluid mechanics and atmospheric dynamics. Generations of scholars have benefited from his lectures, and this publication, a long time within the making, is the results of his extensive instructing and examine event. the idea of fluid movement has constructed to such an quantity that very advanced arithmetic and versions are at the moment used to explain it, yet some of the basic effects stick to from quite uncomplicated issues: those vintage ideas are derived the following in a unique, specified, and from time to time even idiosyncratic, manner.

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No one can stop a hurricane from coming, but we can prepare and find ways to be safe. 21st Century Content You can track a hurricane on the Internet or a mobile phone. gov). gov). gov. 5 hours for Irene to get from North Carolina to New York. 6 miles per hour. 5 inches of rain fell each day on average. 118 total inches  4 days  29. 5 inches per day Chapter Four Page 11 Page 25 a. August 20, September 10, October 1, and October 20 The wind speed was 110 miles per hour. b. May 10, June 1, July 10, November 10, December 1, and December 20 165  1/3  55 mph 165  55  110 mph Chapter Three Chapter Five Page 27 Page 17 a.

Before the storm hits, fill your bathtub and some large containers with water. Make sure you have plenty of batteries to power the tools and appliances that can help you. Once the hurricane strikes, stay in an interior room, preferably one with no windows or glass doors. You will hear howling wind as the hurricane passes. If the eye of the hurricane goes over your home, the wind and noise will stop. But that doesn’t mean the hurricane is over. Listen to radio broadcasts on the battery-powered radio in your hurricane kit, to find out what is happening.

Silverstein, Alvin, et al. Hurricanes: The Science Behind Killer Storms. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2010. gov/Features/Hurricanes/ Visit NASA’s Web site that discusses hurricanes and their structure. htm Watch a film of Hurricane Andrew, see a satellite image of a hurricane, and much more. htm Find out more about hurricanes in this tour that you control yourself. gov Follow hurricanes through the Atlantic Ocean at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s official site.

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