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Speedy swap either world wide and in Ethiopia necessitated this revised version. includes enormous fabric on Eritrea in addition to Ethiopia.

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1895-1896 War with Italy as Italy exceeds the borders established by the Treaty of Wetchale. Decisive defeat of Italy at Adwa on 1 March 1896 attracts world attention to Ethiopia as it marks the first defeat of a European power in Africa. 1896-1910 Under Menilek II, secular education, printing, and postal and telegraph services begin; the railroad from Djibouti is begun; borders with Italian, British, and French possessions are agreed upon. Left moribund by a "stroke" on 27 October 1910, Menilek lives until 1913.

All the first order h vowels are written as ha,as they are pronounced. Doubling of consonants, which sometimes affects meaning in Ethiopic but is not indicated in writing, has occasionally been used. Our simplified system cannot be even approximately phonetic in the way that Ethiopic script itself is. For Arabic, the Roman forms of J. S. Trimingham in Islam in Ethiopia (see General Works section in Bibliography) have been followed where possible. For Ethiopia's unwritten languages, no solution has yet been found to correct the deformation that has occurred when they are transcribed by authors writing in Amharic and Ge'ez.

While there were between twenty and twenty-five Western-made helicopters, the balance of this wing were Soviet Mi-4s, 6s, 8s, 17s, and 24s. S.

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