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Start Your break day correct

This made-just-for-you devotional from element of Grace is definitely the right option to ensure you are situated on God and prepared for no matter what your day brings. each one week is determined up so that you can choose and select the job you need to do on a daily basis in no matter what order you opt. this is the way it works: There are fifty-two issues (one for every week of the year), and every one has 5 brief and straightforward devotions. each one week has

  • a short message
  • a fill-in-the-blank religious study
  • a unique scripture so that you can learn and position on your center
  • an motion inspiration for residing out that week's message
  • some house to magazine your recommendations and emotions

The five-devotions-a-week plan allows a leisure on Sunday and one "Yikes! I overslept" day. by means of the tip of every week, you will be toward God, deeper into His observe, and extra like Jesus.

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What do you think the verse above means when it says your body is a “temple of the Holy Spirit”? What do you think it means to sin against your own body? How will closeness with God help you to avoid sexual sin? HEAR GOD’S VOICE Guard the treasure you were given! Guard it with your life. —1 Timothy 6:20 MSG LIVE IT OUT This week I will make a positive effort to avoid sexual sin by WRITE IT DOWN Describe how it makes you feel to know that your body is a temple. Does it make you feel beautiful? Holy?

Did Jesus show His love for His Father by obeying Him? Explain your answer. HEAR GOD’S VOICE Love the LORD your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the LORD is your life. —Deuteronomy 30:20 LIVE IT OUT This week I will choose to show my love for God by obeying Him in an area of my life in which I have previously resisted by _____________ WRITE IT DOWN Describe your love for God. Make a list of the things He has brought to your life that would otherwise be missing. Write Him a little prayer of thanksgiving for each one.

We can’t see Him, so how can we reflect His image? That’s where Jesus comes in. Jesus showed us in living color—in flesh and blood—what God looked like. So if we want to know what God really looks like, all we have to do is look at Jesus, the fairest of them all. When we repent of our sins and trust Jesus as our Savior, we are completely renewed—becoming like Him, reflecting God’s image! Before our renewal we used our God-imaging powers in wrong ways, but now we are enabled to use these powers in right ways.

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