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By David Porter

“Porter’s delicate, realized, and available account is extremely suggested for someone wishing to procure a deeper wisdom of the background of contemporary Algeria, in addition to of the diversity of anarchist methods, in either France and Algeria, to the pathways of Algerian politics ahead of and because independence.” —Mohammed Bamyeh, writer of Anarchy as Order: The heritage and way forward for Civic Humanity

Eyes to the South makes an important and worthy contribution to a small yet growing to be literature reading the complicated and frustrating engagement of anarchists with decolonization commonly, and Algeria in particular.” ?David Berry, writer of A heritage of the French Anarchist flow, 1917 to 1945 makes an important and necessary contribution to a small yet starting to be literature reading the advanced and problematical engagement of anarchists with decolonization in most cases, and Algeria in particular.” —David Berry, writer of A heritage of the French Anarchist stream, 1917 to 1945

Eyes to the South explores vital concerns from the final six tumultuous many years of Algerian background, together with French colonial rule, nationalist revolution, experiments in workers’ self-management, the increase of radical Islamist politics, an rebel revival of conventional decentralist resistance and political buildings, conflicts over cultural identification, women's emancipation, and significant “blowback” at the ex-colonial strength itself. David Porter's nuanced exam of those concerns is helping to elucidate Algeria’s present political, monetary, and social stipulations, and resonates with carrying on with conflicts and alter in Africa and the center East extra more often than not. even as, Eyes to the South describes and analyzes the observers themselves—the a number of parts of the French anarchist movement—and is helping to explain and improve the dialogue of matters equivalent to nationwide liberation, violence, revolution, the function of faith, liberal democracy, employee self-management, and collaboration with statists within the broader anarchist and anti-authoritarian movements.

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Light arms and cloth­ ing were stored and brought across borders . Throughout the war, there were also many direct political discussions with MNA and FLN militants encouraging a s ocial revolutionary content to the insurgency, and Fontenis claims that certain MNA militants were e ven close to j oining the F C L. The FCL group in Ma<;on found a printer to create stocks of receipt cards for Algerian contributions (gifts or dues) to the FLN in France. 26 Among the most contro versial of FCL actions was its decision to p ar­ ticipate in electoral politics.

A month earlier, a similar threatening pied-nair 31 Part I: The Algerian War (1952-1962) mob in Algiers helped to cut off efforts there by F LN leaders and French liberals (led by Albert Camus) to establish a truce against attacks on civilian females, the aged, and children of both sides . "Special powers " suspend­ ing civil liberties and enabling more "lawful " forceful repression were then voted in, after Mollet's visit, by the F rench parliament-with the support of Communist delegates as well .

Wh at seemed to most FLN sympathizers in France and els ewhere as a united dynamic and inspiring national liberation front committed to a post-ind ependence sociali st system in reality was largely a coalition of competing personal and regional cliques and political factions, with lead­ ership for the most p art committed only to an ind epend ent nation alist and populist regime with greatly enhanced opportunities for personal gain and power. Nevertheless, y ears of daily suffering through interrogations, tortures, bombardments, forced migration, starvation, and loss of f amily and friends could not help but increase basic sympathy for the FLN among even non-militant Algeri ans.

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