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This is a longstanding barrier in doing business with the DOD. It has been the subject of numerous studies in recent years, including a recent Defense Science Board Study (DOD, 2000b). The Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics) has as one of his five goals an initiative to improve the health of the defense industrial base. 1 These are detailed procedures that consider three factors in coming up with an overall profit objective: (1) performance risk, (2) contract type risk, and (3) level of capital investment in facilities.

INTEGRATION OPPORTUNITIES ENABLED BY TECHNOLOGY As DOD scans the R&D horizons and industry’s technology roadmaps for 24 EQUIPPING TOMORROW’S MILITARY FORCE Component Subsystem System DefenseUnique COTS Dual-Use Manufacturing Product Commercial Enhanced Commercial Unique Unique Unique Manufacturing Process Commercial Commercial Commercial Enhanced Commercial Unique FIGURE 4-1 Commercial-military integration framework. leverage opportunities, a broad view of ICMM suggests that the answers to the following questions may serve as leading indicators of opportunity: • In which applications will technology trends deliver commercial products that fully satisfy defense requirements, with at most a modest enhancement to the product design or the commercial production process?

Major defense weapon system research, development, testing, and evaluation (RDT&E) plus acquisition cycle times average 7 to 15 years, depending on the type of system, and have lifetimes of 20 to 50 years. By contrast, commercial product development cycles and product lifetimes are both shorter. The military system must be supported in the field with technology upgrades and maintenance/overhaul actions over an extended period that has few commercial counterparts. Yet the same product-life-cycle actions are accomplished in the commercial arena, including technology refreshment, only faster.

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