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By Gertz Likhtenshtein

This ebook offers the flexible and pivotal function of electron spin interactions in nature. It offers the heritage, methodologies and instruments for easy parts regarding spin interactions, comparable to spin chemistry and biology, electron move, gentle power conversion, photochemistry, radical reactions, magneto-chemistry and magneto-biology. The publication additionally contains an summary of designing complex magnetic fabrics, optical and spintronic units and photograph catalysts. This monograph could be of curiosity to scientists and graduate scholars operating within the components on the topic of spin interactions physics, biophysics, chemistry and chemical engineering.

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4 Dexter Singlet-Singlet Energy Transfer Singlet-singlet energy transfer (SSET) may occur for exchange at short distances by the Dexter mechanism (Fig. 11 [41]. The SSET rate constant KET data on photo-processes in cofacial bisporphyrin were analyzed using the following formulas [42].  2 1 R   2p 0 À2R KJ exp ¼ ; h L Forster KET ¼ kD R6F Dexter KET ð2:11Þ Fig. 6 Schematic representation of the Förster and Dexter energy transfer mechanisms. 4 Dexter Singlet-Singlet Energy Transfer 35 where kD is the emission rate constant for the donor, RF is the Förster radius, that is, the distance at which transfer and spontaneous decay of excited donors are equally probable, R is the distance between the two macrocycles, J′ is the integral overlap, and L is the average Bohr radius.

The non-Condon electron transfer rate theory based on Fermi’s golden rule and the time-dependent wave-packet method for the description of the coherent motion of the electron. Also was included. In recent years, the role of dynamics of bridges connecting ET between donor and acceptor centers has received increasing attention [11, 46–50]. Of particular interest in that respect are expressions for the calculation of nonadiabatic electron transfer rates for donor-acceptor systems incorporated fluctuating bridges and their non-Condon electronic couplings presented in [49].

11 Profile of FMA 9 coefficients, ci 2, for the vibrational modes of the B30 molecule. 05 are colored grey, while the others are colored black [59] A situation when the electron transfer rate is comparable or faster relaxation frequencies of the medium has been considered in detail in [63]. When the statistics loses ergodicity (thermal equilibrium for all vibrational and other modes), the ET transition state can not be effectively stabilized as compare with media equilibrium process. And the reaction activation barrier becomes dependent on the medium dynamics.

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