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By Bram Vanderborght

This publication studies at the advancements of the bipedal strolling robotic Lucy. particular approximately it really is that the biped isn't actuated with the classical electric drives yet with pleated pneumatic man made muscle groups. In an adversarial setup of such muscular tissues either the torque and the compliance are controllable. From human jogging there's proof that joint compliance performs a major position in power effective strolling and working. furthermore pneumatic man made muscle tissues have a excessive strength to weight ratio and will be coupled at once with out advanced gearing mechanism, which might be worthy in the direction of legged mechanisms. also, they've got the potential of soaking up impression shocks and shop and unlock movement strength. This publication offers an entire description of Lucy: the undefined, the electronics and the software program. A hybrid simulation software, combining the robotic dynamics and muscle/valve thermodynamics, has been written to judge keep watch over suggestions ahead of imposing them within the genuine biped.

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The rotational speed of the shaft of an electrical motor is high and the torque is low, while a robot joint generally requires a fairly low rotation speed but with high torques. Thus a transmission unit is often required. Harmonic drives are very popular transmission units because they combine zero backlash, high precision, high single-stage transmission ratio, compact dimensions and a high torque capacity (372) (242) (301) (220). Because the transmission ratios are high (1/160 for HRP-2L (220), 1/100-1/160 for KHR-3 (HUBO) (316), 1/160 for Johnnie (328)), they are non-backdrivable and this is very inconvenient for shock absorbance and stiff actuators cannot store energy.

This chapter starts with a description of the pleated pneumatic artificial muscle and the antagonistic muscle set-up. They are incorporated in a modular unit. The B. Vanderborght: Bipedal Walking by the Pneumatic Robot Lucy, STAR 63, pp. 41–91. com 42 2 Description of Lucy different modular units are linked to each other and form together with the feet a complete robot. To prevent the sagittal robot from falling sidewards a guiding mechanism is chosen consisting of a horizontal and a vertical rail.

In 1990, Tad McGeer (275) showed for the first time that a mechanical structure, without sensors, motors or control, could walk on its own down a slope. This was a totally different approach for the biped robot community who had for years built elaborate robots with many sensors and motors and complex control. The idea was to put the intelligence not in the control of the robot but in the mechanics. Since then research groups have built several simple passive dynamic walkers. To be able to walk over level ground minimal actuation is provided just enough to overcome friction when walking over level ground like the Cornell biped and the Delft biped Denise (100).

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