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If they can, they farm their land . If it is a free fire zone, the women and children and old men go to the camps in Pakistan . The men take turns going back into Afghanistan to fight . When they can, they keep an eye out for planes and continue farming their land . And they farm the land of the absent khan. For the old ruling class are conspicuous by their absence from the struggle on the ground . They sit in Peshawar and Paris and New York . They have abdicated Afghanistan their power. With the partial exception of the strategic Panjshir Valley, no commander controls a mobile army he can order into battle where it is needed .

Taiwan is the main, but not the only, country in Asia involved in this reorientation. Others include Hong Kong, South Korea, and the Philippines, but Taiwan appears to be taking the lead . Taiwanese investment in South Africa South Africa's interest in the far East is not just to increase exports but also to promote new sources of foreign investment to make up for the drying up of investment from its traditional sources . Taiwan, with its regular annual surplus on world trade ($19 billion in 1987) and healthy foreign exchange reserves, currently standing at $75 billion, is worth wooing especially since Taiwanese residents can now invest overseas up to $5 million per person .

From the 1960s on two political forces competed for the allegiance of the students and the new middle class . One were the two Communist parties . The Khalk (People's) Party was led by Taraki . It was the larger of the two, more radical, at the base more Pushtun, more rural and poorer. The Parcham (Flag) Party of Babrak Karmal was somewhat smaller, more moderate, with a better base among more affluent Kabulis and in the non-Pushtun areas . Both parties were orthodox Communist parties who looked to the USSR as a model for socialism .

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