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By Joanne Mattern

If the groundhog sees its shadow, there'll be six extra weeks of wintry weather. Moss grows purely at the north facet of a tree. No snowflakes are alike. you've got heard those universal sayings or ideals prior to. yet are they truly real? Can they be confirmed utilizing technology? Let's examine seventeen statements approximately Earth, climate, and the surroundings and discover which of them are correct, which of them are flawed, and which of them nonetheless stump scientists! discover no matter if all deserts are sizzling! realize even if it is actual ring round the Moon capability rain or snow is at the manner! See in the event you can inform the adaptation among truth and fiction with Is truth?

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In his ebook, John eco-friendly offers a different own perception into the basics of fluid mechanics and atmospheric dynamics. Generations of scholars have benefited from his lectures, and this ebook, decades within the making, is the results of his extensive educating and examine adventure. the idea of fluid movement has constructed to such an volume that very complicated arithmetic and types are presently used to explain it, yet the various basic effects persist with from particularly easy issues: those vintage rules are derived right here in a singular, special, and every now and then even idiosyncratic, method.

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Alk. paper)  1. Science—Miscellanea— Juvenile literature. I. Title. M45 2010 550—dc22 2009020588 Manufactured in the United States of America 1 – JR – 12/15/09 eISBN: 978-0-7613-5942-5 THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK shadow, If the groundhog sees its eeks of winter. w e or m x si be l il w e er th Moss grows only on the north side of a tree. No two snowflakes are alike. You may have heard these common sayings or beliefs before. But are they really true? Can they be proven using science? Let’s investigate seventeen statements about Earth, weather, and the environment and find out which ones are right, which ones are wrong, and which ones still stump scientists!

5 million square miles (9 36 The key factor that makes a place a desert is not temperature. It is dryness. A desert receives less than 19 inches (48 centimeter) of rain each year. a lot cooler than the Mojave Desert in the western United States, where the temperature can reach a scorching 120ºF (49ºC). One of the driest deserts in the world is the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. 3 cm) of rain each year. Winters are cool there. The temperature can be as low as 32ºF (0ºC). In the summer, it may rise as high as 77ºF (25ºC).

Earth Shock: Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Other Forces of Nature. London: Thames and Hudson, 2002. com. 1999. htm (June 8, 2009). com. d. html (June 8, 2009). com. 2007. asp (June 8, 2009). ” State of California Department of Conservation. 2007. aspx (June 8, 2009). S. Geological Survey. ” USGS. 1999. html (June 8, 2009). Further Reading Berger, Melvin, and Gilda Berger. Hurricanes Have Eyes but Can’t See: And Other Amazing Facts about Wild Weather. New York: Scholastic, 2003.

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