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By Bent Larsen

This is often an autobiographical choice of video games from one of many nice chess combatants of the fashionable period. Bent Larsen is a Danish participant who has been within the most sensible echelons of worldwide chess for forty years.

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Kt-B3? p Xp 20. B X RP P-Q4! A nice defence. Of course 20 ..... P x B was bad because of 21. R-B4. But now Black dominates the centre, and as a matter of fact White's attack ebbs away by itself. A cool answer to 21. Kt-Kt5 is . • K-Ktll B-B4 21. B-Kt5 K-B2 22. R-R4 P xB 23. B x B 24. R-R6 The strong black centre makes it impossible for this Rook to retreat, so it is not strange that it tries to attack. And White had to find a square for his Queen. But Black is ready to counterattack. He has not really finished his development, but his Queen and Bishop are dominating.

R x P eh! and White draws by perpetual check. R-QKtl eh 26. K x R 27. K-Bl 27. Q-Kt3 is quite hopeless because of 27. . . ; 28. Q x R eh, K x Q; 29. R-R8, P-B4, White cannot get free of the pin. B-K6ch 27. Q x Kt 28. R-Q2 29. R-R7ch Forces the exchange of Queens, avoiding mate. But of course the ending is lost. BxR 29. 30. Q x Bch R-Kt2 31. Q-Q4 Necessary because of the mating threat. 31. Q xQ 32. R x Q K-Q3 33. R-Q2 P-B4 34. P-Kt 4 P-K6 The centre pawns win automatically. 35. R-Kt2 36. P-Kt5 P-Q5 R-KB2 80 37.

Kt-B5 R(Ql)-Ktl Against 27. . . R(Ql)-Bl the same reply is just as strong. 27 . ... QR-Ktl was possible, for then 28. Q-R3, Kt-B3 is playable. White would either play 28. Q-B3 or 28. R-K5, P-B8; 29. R-K3 and the black position remains difficult. 28. Q-B3! Black's difficulties are clearly seen in variations like 28. ... B-Q2; 29. Q-R5, P-KR3; so. , R-Kt3; 31. Kt X B eh, Q x Kt; 32. R-B7 and 28. B-Bl; 29. Q-R5, K-Ktl; 80. Q-K5 (or 29 .. . P-KR3; 30. R xKt, Q x R; 31. B x P) and 28. . . B-Kt8; 29.

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