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Meet the best heroes of africa--from historical to trendy times"The books within the Black Stars sequence are the kinds of books that might have particularly captivated me as a kid."--Earl G. Graves, Black company magazineKofi AnnanAskia the GreatBambaataBehanzin Hossu BowelleStephen BikoCetewayoConstance Cummings-JohnImhotepKenneth KaundaJomo KenyattaKhamaSir Seretse KhamaPatrice LumumbaAlbert John LuthuliNelson MandelaMenelik IIMosheshMansa MusaKwame NkrumahJulius NyerereNzinghaPiankhyRabahHaile SelassieAlbertina SisuluOsei TutuYoussef I

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Although Dahomey grew wealthy from its trade with France, Behanzin was concerned that France was getting the better deal. In 1890, he negotiated a new treaty that called for France to pay him an annual rent of twenty thousand francs’ worth of gold for the use of Cotonou port. He was also worried that France had designs on the rest of his country, not just its coast, and decreed that no white people be allowed in the interior. In the rare cases where exceptions were made, he forbade surveying equipment or cameras.

He then declared that the treaty between France and Dahomey was null and void and that the French must get out of Cotonou. France tried to negotiate with Behanzin, but he refused to accept the gifts their envoys tried to press upon him. Several armed engagements took place in which Behanzin’s forces were victorious. Then France turned to its best fighter in Africa, the half-French, half-Senegalese Colonel A. A. Dodds. Dodds sent Behanzin a letter demanding that he submit to the terms France wanted.

He was insulted and furious. Apparently, he did not see the irony in the fact that he himself had been forced to flee Denkera in his youth because of a similar offense. Bosinante offered a large quantity of gold as a peace offering, but Osei Tutu would not have it. He prepared for war. Bosinante died during the preparations, but Tutu did not consider the debt of honor paid. He proceeded with his plans to attack Denkera. The Denkera put up a good fight, aided by their neighbors, the Akim, but the Ashanti were victorious.

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