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Learn approximately barometers, humidity, snowflakes, and extra with the good climate technological know-how experiments during this booklet. Authors Robert Gardner and Salvatore Tocci advisor readers via their most sensible climate technology experiments utilizing full-color illustrations. Many experiments contain rules for a student's technology reasonable.

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Are the raindrops that fall during a brief shower larger than those that fall in a long, steady rain? How many average-size raindrops are in a snowflake? In a hailstone? 5 The Shape of Raindrops Materials: vacuum cleaner that will blow air food coloring water small glass eyedropper Ping-Pong ball When raindrops fall in still air, they fall at a steady speed. This steady speed is called the terminal velocity of the raindrops. As you might guess, big drops have a higher terminal velocity than small drops.

Can you explain any differences in temperature that you find at these various levels? Measure the temperature near the floor of a room. Then measure the temperature near the ceiling. How do these two temperatures compare? Can you explain any difference in temperature that you find at these different levels in the room? 4 How Does the Sun's Position Affect Temperature? Materials: flashlight globe Those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere are closer to the sun in winter than we are in summer.

Watch a drop closely as it falls into water. You may be able to see a jet of water rise up above the point where the drop lands. To see such a jet, use an eyedropper to release a drop into a glassful of water. Adding food coloring to the water will help you see the drop. Hold a ruler next to the glass. How far do the drops have to fall before they produce jets? It takes place so fast that you won’t be able to see all that happens, but you can see the jets and the tiny drop that breaks off from the top of the jet.

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