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By Peggy McMahon

Peggy McMahon's prayers are heartfelt and catch the uncooked, actual feelings many face with a major or life-threatening ailment. Her prayers have touched lives way past their foundation in Anchorage, Alaska. Written out of her personal discomfort, the prayers of Peggy McMahon have ministered to many in occasions once they couldn't locate the phrases to wish. Addressed to Abba, Father, the prayers are own and heartfelt, written from a spot of weak belief. This ebook may be a convenience and resource of strength for plenty of.

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Reflection Thank you Abba for such relief of pain and suffering. My gratitude swells like the sea submitting to the moon. It all has purpose, every moment, whether in pain or in joy. My cup has never been fuller; I have never been nearer to drinking all of it. Keep me close. ~ Wednesday ~ My Protector God, Though my heart wants to sing praises, my mind and body still tremble with the fear of separation from you, O Lord. Today I ask that you still my obsessive thinking, quiet my ruminations, and pass your hand gently through the valleys of my brain, bringing your peace to the random floods of disharmony.

Amen. ~ Tuesday ~ O my God, I feel I need a mother tonight and so I will pray to you, both Mother and Father of all children. Wipe these tears from my face, touch me with the softest whisper of consoling grace. Rock me in your embrace, sing to me the songs of Angels, and praise my efforts at faith. Help me pray my way into full faith, knowing that as I kneel, you have already answered my prayer. it would be joyful, exhilarating. And yet, it is not complicated, indeed it is quite simple. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Thank you for the gift of your children, who help this child to survive. Amen. ~ Saturday ~ My Father, Protect me with shelter today, I pray. Shield me from the icy winds of anguish, from blinding storms of doubt; draw aside the black curtain of despair and let me walk in the light of your love. Open my mind to all that is positive. Turn me from the well worn tracks of self-defeating thoughts. Bathe my troubled mind with redolent spirit. Nourish me like a child of the water, a child of the truth.

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