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By Steven Saylor

In the yr forty eight B.C., Rome is in the middle of Civil battle. As Pompey and Caesar struggle for keep watch over of the Republic, Rome turns into a hotbed of intrigue, pushed by way of espionage, greed and betrayals.

A appealing younger seeress staggers around the Roman industry and dies within the palms of Gordianus the Finder. probably mad and claiming no reminiscence of her prior, Cassandra― like her Trojan namesake―was reputed to have the reward of prophecy, a present many in Rome could pay for handsomely...or lodge to homicide.

Obsessed with Cassandra's secret, Gordianus investigates her homicide. As he peels away the veils of secrecy surrounding her existence and loss of life, he discovers an internet of conspiracy linking a lot of Rome's so much ruthless and strong girls. Now Gordianus's pursuit not just endangers his personal existence, yet might swap the way forward for Rome.

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Birds were seen flying north instead of south, and a sparrow attacked a vulture-bad omens! " He lurched toward Volcatius, but some of the others held him back. Hieronymus raised an eyebrow at the spectacle of a truculent, one-armed Roman attempting to physically attack the oldest graybeard in the group. All this time I said nothing. In the contest between Pompey and Caesar, I had so far managed to keep myself neutral-more or less. Like virtually every other Roman citizen, especially those who played any part whatsoever in the city's public life, I had strong ties to both sides.

He addressed himself as much to Volcatius as to me, drawn by the glimmer of hope in his fellow Pompeian's rheumy eyes. "When Caesar reached the other side, it was the middle of the night; and right away he unloaded his troops and sent the ships back to Brundisium to pick up the rest of his men, including the cavalry. But some of those ships were waylaid and separated from the rest by some of Pompey's ships, and Pompey's men set fire to them and burned them right there on the water, with the captains and the crews still on board!

I peered up at Bethesda. For a long moment, she registered no emotion-then suddenly raised her eyebrows in alarm. " she cried, slapping her hands to her face. In all the commotion, someone had stolen them. III The first time I saw Cassandra was in the Forum. It was a day in mid-Januarius. When I count the months on my fingers, I realize that from the first day I saw her to the last, not quite seven months passed. So brief a period! Yet in some ways it seems I knew her for a lifetime. I can place the date precisely, because that was the day word reached Rome that Caesar had successfully crossed the Adriatic Sea from Brundisium to the coast of northern Greece.

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