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11 ... e5 is worse 53 Dismantling the Sicilian - Section II than in the game due to 15 ... 1he5 Vi'aSoo) 1 S... tt:'ld5, although the pawn isn't any help on f3. ad1 a4 This weakens the pawn and the b4-square. But after 12 ... ~c6!? e5! g. 13 ... ::. ~c4~c6 13 ... b3 (14 ... ~a5?! f4! b4! still poses some problems for Black. ~c6 with some advantage for White, who has more centralized pieces and a more compact structure, Carlsson-Robson, Reykjavik 2008. ::. l:ra5!? 14 ... ::. Now the knight has another strong point on b4.

18... 0-0 1id7! 19 ... e5? ti:Jf5+-; 19 ... +-. l::rd8?? 20 ... +; 20 ... tLlcl1ig4+. h3?? ~f2! a4 (21.. tLlxa5! 'iff2±. 21 ... a4 2 1... iia4+. +. 1ixd4! d2! tb3 a5 Almost as popular as the main line 8 ... d6. Though bS is seriously weakened, some tactical details set the basis for Black's counterplay. a4 are interesting, but I think that the natural line starting with 9. 0-0 is still the best option for White to get quite a safe edge. For 8 ... 06. 0-0! This is my recommendation. It is true that now White definitely forgoes his most frequent plan, based on 0-0-0, but the radical character of 9 ...

Argaya Urdaniz-Zamarbide Ibarrea, Pamplona 2001, and White has the initiative and the better structure. This is the most common move in this position. In the event of 8 ... 0-0, but we won't go deeply into this interesting sacrifice, since it is also possible to transpose to the variation we recommend against 8 ... fi'f3). ~f4!? 'iVf3 is also a very promising line, but I have chosen the text due to its simplicity. 9 ... fi'a5 9 .. '~'d2! 'fie? +-. ~xb5++-. 39 Dismantling the Sicilian - Section II White develops and defends the pawn indirectly.

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