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By Theresa Breslin

Melisande is the daughter of the king's minstrel and lives one of the royal French court docket. She, like many others, can pay little heed to the dire warnings of Notradamus the soothsayer. Chantelle, Melisande's older sister is betrothed to the good-looking courtier Armand, and there's the thrill of the approaching marriage ceremony to consider. And Melisande is serious about the mysterious and silent Melchior, the boy who takes care of the king's leopard. in simple terms Catherine de Medici, the king's mom, listens to Nostradamus and fears for the lifetime of her son. but if misfortune befalls Melisande's kin and she or he realises that it was once expected by means of Nostradamus, she turns to the soothsayer for support. Upon his demise, he leaves Melisande with a few papers which carry the key of the royal line of France - it really is as much as her to aid fulfil Nostradamus' ultimate prophecy yet will she have the braveness to take action ...?

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Half will go to Chantelle and half to Mélisande. ’ exclaimed Ferignay. ’ ‘In our part of France we are faithful to the old ways of the Occitan,’ said my father. ‘You rebellious southerners,’ said Ferignay in a mocking 46 Nostradamus 29/2/08 10:55 Page 47 PART ONE: THE PR OPHECY voice. ‘Yet . . ’ Ferignay considered this. He looked towards Armand, who walked quickly from the window and went down on one knee before him. ‘I would beg my lord to give his consent,’ Armand said humbly. ’ Ferignay’s eyes glinted.

The stag struggled, trying to throw off its attacker. Snarling in fury, the leopard clung on. But the stag was strong and flexed its shoulder muscles again. Paladin slipped to one side. The king howled in despair. The stag twisted round, attempting a final move to dislodge the leopard. A fatal mistake. Turning this way exposed its front. With incredible speed the leopard loosed its hold on the back of its prey, opened its jaws once more and fastened its teeth deep into the stag’s throat. Blood spurted out from the throat of the mortally wounded beast.

50 Nostradamus 29/2/08 10:55 Page 51 PART ONE: THE PR OPHECY Chapter Nine W hen we got back to our room Chantelle took me by both my hands and swung me round and round. ’ she cried. ’ There were tears on her cheeks and on mine too for she was so wondrously joyful. At last she tired of spinning in a circle and she let me go and fell upon her bed. ‘I am so happy, Mélisande. You have no idea how happy I am. ’ I was glad on her behalf for I wasn’t so ignorant as not to know that the majority of marriages were political arrangements.

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