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By Simon Farrell; Jon Sutherland; Bill Houston

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The ground is thick with the dead and dying, but the line of Saxon housecarls is still intact. With his infantry in tatters, William commands his cavalry forward. Will you mount up and ride with them (go to 208) or will you stay with William (go to 187)? 100 FitzWimark gives you the message and you ride at once for Pevensey. What the King will say when he discovers what you have done preys heavily upon your mind, but you could not refuse the request of a fellow countryman. The ride is uneventful, and you arrive at the Abbey of Fecamp, near Pevensey on the morning of the 8th of October.

William orders the troops back to reform and turns to you, pushing his helmet back from his face. ' he asks seriously. Will you advise him to continue with the same tactics (go to 281), suggest an attempt at outflanking the Saxon line (go to 7) or will you advise William to retreat to a place of safety and wait for the reinforcements which he knows are on their way from Normandy (go to 116)? 182 187 Riding away from the scene of the ambush, you do your best to comfort your wife. But your mind has been jerked back to the affairs of state which gave rise to such Watching the attack with William, you see that the Breton cavalry do not attack the shield wall, but stand off at a distance and throw their javelins into the densely- 100 101 181 packed mass of Saxons.

Will you stay with him to watch the progress of the battle, or will you do what you have been trained to do - fight! If you stay with William, go to 108. If you ride to join the cavalry, go to 49. 157 ries about the following day, so great is your admiration for Harold. Now go to 78. 158 Harold and a small group of soldiers ride towards the Norse shield-wall. Tostig steps forward, and the two begin to talk out of earshot of their troops. Abruptly, the conversation ends and Harold rides back. The parley must have failed.

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