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By John Maddox Roberts

Blackmail, corruption, treachery, murder--the glory that was once Rome.In this Edgar Award-nominated secret, John Maddox Roberts takes readers again to a Rome jam-packed with violence and evil. Vicious gangs governed the streets of Crassus and Pompey, oftentimes preying on plebeian and patrician alike, so the garroting of a lowly ex-slaved and the disembowelment of a international service provider within the risky Subura district appeared of little final result to the Roman hierarchy. yet Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger--highborn commander of the neighborhood vigiles--was made up our minds to enquire. regardless of reputable apathy, brazen bribes, and sinister threates, Decius uncovers an international of corruption on the maximum degrees of his govt that threatens to smash him and the govt. he serves.

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They had always been there. In some coastal areas, piracy was still regarded as an honorable profession, as it was in ancient times. After all, had not Ulysses and Achilles blithely raided unoffending coastal villages as they made 43 their way to and from Troy? " No shipping was safe, but shipping was not the chief victim of the pirates. Mainly, they raided coastal districts for slaves. The great pirate haven on the island of Delos had become the pivotal slave market for the whole Mediterranean world.

37 "That can wait," I assured him. "All the temples will be jammed with people today. You can go in the morning. " He shook his head. "I'm from Caere. I have no family here in the city. " "No sense being put up in some tiny officer's cubicle on the Campus Martius," I said. " "That is most hospitable," he said, delighted. " I confess I was not motivated by a pure spirit of gratitude to one of our returned heroes. I wanted information from Carbo. We walked down to the river docks and arranged for a porter to carry his baggage to my house.

Decius, my friend, let me tell you something: If the Senate thinks Lucullus will wait until March to invade Armenia, they are wrong. He ordered me to return to my legion no later than the end of January, even though that means a sea voyage at the worst season. " I bade him good night and retired to my own room to think. What he had just said was almost certainly true. One thing our generals knew above all else was that the Senate could debate forever. They dithered with Hannibal at the gates and they would dither while Lucullus 40 made an unsanctioned invasion of Armenia.

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