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By Susan Muaddi Darraj

This booklet describes the historic history that resulted in Indian independence from nice Britain, and the consequences of India's Independence Act.

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When the Congress’s first meeting took place in 1885, it consisted mostly of educated and middle- and upper-class Hindus. While some members of other religions, including Islam, were present, they were not well represented. The Congress also did not represent most of the lower castes. ”7 THE MUSLIM LEAGUE In 1905, the British Raj’s viceroy made a controversial decision. The Bengal region was becoming overpopulated at 85 million people and too large and unwieldy for the ICS to administer. The viceroy thus concluded that it would be best to divide the land into two separate regions.

2 Now that Attlee was prime minister, the dream of Indian independence began to seem possible. In fact, during the two years between 1945 and independence in 1947, things moved rapidly and surprisingly toward that goal. CALCUTTA MASSACRE In 1946, Attlee sent a three-member mission to India to try to put a specific plan into place for Indian independence. The mission met with members of the Constituent Assembly of India, and in May 1946, the mission declared that it had drafted a plan for an Indian nation that would have dominion status and would be self-governed but remain part of the British Commonwealth.

The savagery continued until 15,000 people lay dead in the streets of Calcutta and more than 10,000 people had been left homeless. indd 59 8/8/11 12:17 PM 60 THE INDIAN INDEPENDENCE ACT OF 1947 or Muslims were killed, but it is clear that both sides suffered tremendous casualties. The Calcutta massacre, or Calcutta riots, stunned Indians and British alike—it seemed that a civil war had broken out. The violence spread like a virus. More riots broke out after the Calcutta massacres in other parts of India that had Hindu– Muslim mixed populations.

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